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Little Comedy crowd


Perth's King of Comedy

Werzel Montague started doing open mike comedy spots at the Laugh Resort Comedy Club at Pockets on Lake St in 1994.

He was funny, then very funny, then hilarious, then sucked, then funny again, then really funny, then turned professional in 1995 and kept going.

He’s managed to eat pretty well since, so it’s obviously going ok.

He has played in comedy festivals, elegant theatres, country pubs, smokey New York basements, and more than a few tin sheds in the desert and rocked the roof off each.

He once died horribly in front of a very angry crowd of Rugby Union fans. Apparently they think it’s a real game.


4.5 starsThe West Australian

“…The show brings laughter again and again, provokes some deep thoughts but then reminds us that hey, life goes on and with life comes more laughter. Montague is a self-professed bullshit artist, but when presented with such eloquence, such deep humour and keen observation of the world around us, this makes for a great performance… Montague has produced possibly the best offering from the quasi-autobiographical/confessional genre at this year’s festival.”Artshub



Winner 2015: Fringe World Best Comedy (as half of Pirate Church)

Winner 2012: Perth International Comedy Festival Artist’s Choice Award

Winner 2011: Laugh Resort “F**k off to Melbourne” Award

National Finalist 1995: Adelaide Fringe/Triple J “Make Me Laugh” Award

Winner 1983: Ashfield Under 9s First XVIII “Best Utility”

Catch Werzel Soon

Pirate Church Tonight! Christmas Special

Sunday 17 December @ 7:30 pm

Chris Bedding and Werzel are award winning professional improvisers and comedians. They also bother God for a living. Seriously, in between comedy gigs they lead actual churches full of actual Christians, where they don't swear quite as often.

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