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Welcome to our Comedian Showcase, a growing database celebrating the incredible talent that has graced the stages of Comedy Lounge. Here, you'll find a collection of profiles featuring both established and emerging comedians who have brought laughter and joy to our audiences in Perth and Fremantle. From local legends to international stars, our showcase is a testament to the diverse and vibrant comedy scene we're proud to support. Keep an eye on this page as we continue to update it with new profiles, giving you a glimpse into the dynamic world of stand-up comedy at Comedy Lounge.

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comedian bio featured image for Chris Franklin Comedy Lounge Comedian

Chris Franklin

Chris is a true icon of Australian comedy. With his quintessential Aussie persona, complete with a flannel shirt and thongs, he embodies the spirit of the average Australian. His comedy, reminisce...

Emo Majok comedian bio by Comedy Lounge

Emo Majok

Emo Majok, a rising star in the comedy scene, has a story that will captivate and inspire you. Born in Ethiopia to Sudanese parents who sought refuge from a war-torn Sudan, Emo's journey is one of...

comedy lounge comedian Shad Wicka Bio featured image

Shad Wicka

Shad Wicka, an up-and-coming comedian from Queensland and the host of the celebrated 'Good Yarns' podcast, is a beloved figure on the Australian comedy scene. Although based in Brisbane, Wicka has ...

comedian bio for Luke Benson at Comedy Lounge

Luke Benson

Meet Luke, a standout comedian known for his blend of keen observational humour and captivating storytelling. Originating from the North of England, Luke's genuine demeanour and humorous tales have...