Best of Fest

Comedians Vs Rappers Fringe World Festival 2021 FWF Best Shows to see at fringe

"Only the very best comedians from Fringe World Festival"

After a sell-out season last year, Best of Fest is back for 2021 with hand-picked favourites from across the festival in one action packed show!

Big act at the festival? You'll see them here! Different lineups every week too make it something you can come back to again and again throughout Fringe.

Tickets available here

We've got a "Best of Fest" late night show for those who don't mind staying up a little later, this is where things get a little wild, but in a good way!

Tickets to the Late Show available here

Best comedians in Australia all in one show "Best of Fest" Fringe World Festival 2021 FWF

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