Fringe World Festival 2021

fringe festival perth 2021 comedy lounge best of comedy

"We know a fair bit about the funny business and we sure has heck know how to put on a good show!"

Fringe Festival 2021 Comedy Lounge Perth Clean Comedy PG

Comedy gets a scrub! This is great comedy - minus the foul language and any super naughty bits. So it's suitable for kids (8+), teenagers and the more sensitive souls. On Saturdays with a select variety of acts from across the country. Now you have something to do together as a hip modern family in Perth. Come join us for some good clean fun!

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After a sell-out season last year, Best of Fest is back for 2021 with hand-picked favourites from across the festival in one action packed show! Big act at the festival? You'll see them here! Different lineups every week too make it something you can come back to again and again throughout Fringe.

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Leading ladies of live stand-up comedy from across the country grace the stage in this all-female line-up! From motherhood to man-flu, no topics are out of bounds in this show. Get the girls together or bring the boys in tow and get set for a hilarious night of comic relief!

Round up the girls for an absolute laugh of a night! This one is not to be missed.

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perth city comedians vs rappers fringe festival award winning show perth comedy lounge

Comedians Vs Rappers is a high paced Improv show which fuses rap and comedy. This concept is simple yet unique. Pitt established comedian's against the best battle rappers, and the result is magic!

Every time you see this show it is different. Different rappers, different comedians and different jokes. This won awards for a reason

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perth comedy lounge best of fringe festival 2021 open mic night the gong show

Fresh and expert comedians try to last 3 minutes against the gong, with only an initial 30 seconds to impress. Show your love or disappointment to sway the judge. Each night, those who survive the brutal challenge are up to win $100 cash! Along with a professional host and headliner, you'll definitely get a laugh out of this. Give it a go!

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monday like its fringe hospo night fringe festival 2021 perth city comedy lounge

Hold up for a sec! here at Comedy Lounge, we truely feel for you hardworking hospitality and industry folks, for whom Friday and Saturday nights consists of work, work, work! So we wanted to put on our primetime Friday night show on a Monday, just so you guys can get loose and enjoy a top quality night of giggles!

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sunday singles fringe festival best 2021 must see single show comedy lounge

SINGLE? It's time to put your phone down delete the dating apps. Comedy Lounge and Sunday Singles have created a comedy show for singles in Perth.

Hosted by some of Australia's best comedians, this is an interactive comedy show for people who are single looking to laugh, meet new people, and win a huge array of dates around our beautiful city.

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